After Dinner Chocolate Cups

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Is there a special way to serve after-dinner liqueurs?

After Dinner Chocolate Cups

After Dinner Chocolate Cups

Use these cups to serve a favorite after-dinner liqueur for a very elegant presentation.

3 1-oz. squares semisweet chocolate, chopped
8-10 miniature foil cups

In small saucepan over low heat, melt chocolate, stirring constantly. Brush melted chocolate inside foil cups until about 1/8" thick. Refrigerate 5-10 minutes until chocolate is set. Repeat with another layer of chocolate. Refrigerate until chocolate is very firm. Carefully peel foil from cups and store in refrigerator or freezer until just before serving. Then fill with your favorite liqueur. Be very sure there are no holes or gaps in the chocolate before filling with the liqueur - you don't want it dripping on your guests!



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