Cookie Bouquet

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How can I use cookies for a Valentine´s bouquet?

Cookie Bouquet

To make a cookie bouquet for your sweetie this Valentine's Day, make your favorite sugar cookie dough (or just use refrigerated cookie dough). Roll out and cut with heart-shaped cookie cutters. Using a smaller heart-shaped cutter, cut the centers out of half of the cookie hearts. Bake as directed in the recipe or on the package.

Make a buttercream icing and tint it pink. Make sandwiches out of the cookies, frosting a solid cookie heart completely, then placing a wooden skewer in the frosting, and top with the cut-out cookie heart so the frosting shows in the cut out. Let the frosting harden. You then have long-stemmed cookies! Place them in a box, or a vase, and use as a centerpiece for your Valentine's table.



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